Toyota Tacoma Wont Go Into Reverse: Here’s Why

If your Toyota Tacoma will not go into reverse, the gear shifter is likely out of alignment. To fix this, you may need to shift into other gears before going back into reverse. Another potential reason is that you could have an issue with dirty fluid or a clogged filter. This can happen in most … Read more

Toyota Tacoma Wont Go Into 2WD: Here’s Why

Finding that your Toyota Tacoma will not go into 2WD can be frustrating when trying to diagnose and fix your truck. If your Toyota Tacoma is not switching into 2WD even with the use of the dashboard switch, you may have issues with the 4WD and 2WD selector switch or the wiring. You will likely … Read more

Tacoma jack points: Everything You Need To Know

One of the most common struggles for Toyota Tacoma owners and other vehicle owners alike is understanding where to properly place a jack if you need to change a tire or access the undercarriage. First and foremost, you want to make sure you have the proper tacoma jack for the height of your Tacoma. This … Read more