Editorial Policy

Mission Statement

Our mission at MechanicalDropout.com is to inform and engage our readers, providing them with essential, intriguing, and unexpected knowledge about the automotive world. We strive to deliver a well-rounded reading experience, whether that involves the latest automotive news or a much-needed break from it.

Fact Checking Policy

Accuracy in reporting

At MechanicalDropout.com, we work diligently to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of every article we publish. If we discover an error, we promptly update and correct the mistake.

When revisiting older articles, we verify their accuracy and make necessary updates to ensure our readers have access to the most current and reliable information.

Sourcing and quotations

Our commitment to facts and accuracy is unwavering. We make every effort to trace information back to its original sources and include links to primary and, if needed, secondary sources for complete transparency. Unsupported assertions have no place in our content.

We prioritize using direct quotes from the subjects of our articles as often as possible, ensuring that their stories and opinions are accurately represented. Fair and accurate use of quotes is a point of pride for us.

Ethics Policy

Factual and accurate reporting is important, but we also consider the broader context in which our articles exist. Our editorial staff emphasizes fairness in our stories by providing context and faithfully conveying the bigger picture to our readers. We are mindful of how articles may be interpreted from different perspectives.

Conflicts of interest

We strive to avoid any conflicts of interest, real or perceived, in our coverage. If we receive free products, exclusive interviews, or other access, we disclose this information to our readers in relevant articles.

Types of content

When an article contains our own editorial opinions, such as in a product review or ranking, it will be clearly identified as such. We use a prominent disclosure statement to transparently inform readers when articles include affiliate links or other sponsorships.

Public figures

Our coverage focuses on individuals and events in the public eye. While we often cover celebrities and other public figures, we respect the privacy of those who never sought publicity or attention.


We aim to have a diverse team of writers and editors, representing a range of opinions and perspectives on automotive topics. Our guidelines and training for diversity, equity, and inclusion ensure that we celebrate all cultures and make all readers feel welcome and understood.

Corrections Policy

When we discover errors or omissions, we make corrections to maintain accuracy and prevent the spread of misinformation. We take accuracy very seriously and strive to keep our articles up-to-date.

An updated timestamp is placed at the top of each article when changes are made. For significant corrections, we add a dated explanatory note so our audience knows we take accuracy seriously and own up to our mistakes.

If you have a correction for an article, it can be submitted at (210)-400-6344 or [email protected].